April 3, 2017

Enterprise-Grade Features at an SMB Price

Winner of the Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award

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Standard Features

Ready to Work Out of the Box

Allworx comes loaded with advanced VoIP features that you need and want.

Secure (HTTPS) Web Administration

With Allworx, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to manage the system.

  • Manage Allworx systems from anywhere via secure web access.
  • Configure system and user settings.
  • Download and install software keys.
  • Assign administrative privileges using four role-based user access levels.


Secure (HTTPS) Web Administration

My Allworx Manager

Give all your employees an easy way to learn about their Allworx phone system.

  • Easily access call details, directory, phone features, and many more.
  • Schedule, modify, and monitor conference calls.
  • See eligible advanced software license keys for your handset.
  • For supervisors, set up agents and queues, and access basic queue statistics.
My Allworx Manager


Access voicemail from your inbox.

  • Get voicemail messages as WAV file attachments right from your inbox.
  • Set up to receive SMS text alerts when new voicemails arrive.
  • For important shared voicemail boxes, set up an automatic escalation path to notify select users via text or email until the voicemail messages are retrieved.
Voicemail to Email

Seven Presence Settings

Simply update your Allworx presence to automatically change your greeting and call route.

  • Set your presence to In Office, At A Meeting, On Vacation, On Business Trip, At Home, Away or Busy.
  • Access your presence settings from Allworx IP phone, Allworx Reach™ mobile app, Allworx Interact™ Professional, My Allworx Manager, and Microsoft Skype for Business/Outlook.
Seven Presence Settings

Unlimited Call Routes

Customized call routes mean unlimited flexibility.

  • Change call routes based on your presence setting or if you’re on an active call.
  • Incoming calls can set up to ring multiple handsets simultaneously, including internal extensions and outside numbers.
  • If the call is not answered in the first attempt, re-route the call to other internal extensions or outside numbers.
  • Create customized call routes based on specific incoming outside phone numbers, area codes or internal extensions.

Auto Attendants

Setting up or changing auto attendants is a snap with Allworx.

  • Allworx provides nine to 32 auto attendants, depending on the system model.
  • Each auto attendant supports up to nine custom greetings and one custom message.
  • Each auto attendant can play different greetings based on pre-programmed schedules.
  • Each auto attendant can route to other auto attendants, call queues, or extensions.

Remote IP Phone Support

Need to add a phone for your home office or remote employees? Just plug and play.

  • Replicate all the features of your IP phone in the office, including the same extension.
  • Simply plug the pre-programmed Allworx IP phone into your home cable/DSL router.
  • No additional phone license or VPN hardware appliance needed.
Remote IP Phone Support 4.png