PureCloud for CIC Integration

The PureCloud Directory view, which is available to add in Interaction Desktop and Interaction Connect, allows CIC users to see all PureCloud and CIC users in a single directory and view detailed user information. From the Directory view, CIC users can call, transfer calls to, and conference with PureCloud users.

SMS Improvements

• CIC now links the original text message with a reply and preserves the entire SMS text conversation. • Improved SMS routing can route replies to the original agent or use keywords to route the reply to another agent or queue.

AT&T Certification with CIC

CIC is now certified by AT&T for its interoperability with AT&T IP Toll-Free and the related Transfer Connect service.

Improved Scalability

CIC can now support up to 20,000 configured users and 10,000 active agents on a single CIC instance.

Polycom firmware update required

Starting by the end of June 2016, Polycom introduced a new MAC address range for VVX, SoundPoint IP, and SoundStation phones, as well as SoundStructure Installed Audio products, due to exhaustion of the current 00:04:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC address range. Phones with a MAC address in the range 64:16:7f:xx:xx:xx require a firmware update, which is included in[…]

Change in Microsoft Windows certificates after January 1, 2016 causes issues for Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 systems upgrading to the latest CIC release/patch

The new Microsoft SHA-256 certificate affects Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 systems running Interactive Intelligence products that use the QoS driver, causing certificate errors after product installation and Windows Security messages. If you are upgrading to CIC 2016 R2 or later, CIC 2016 R1 Patch7 or later, CIC 2015 R4 Patch13 or later, or[…]